“Hey, can we squeeze one more thing into this sprint?”

If you recognize that statement, then today’s episode of Tuesdays with Joe is for you. Of all the topics I’m asked about on a weekly basis, scope creep is the one that never fails to show up — almost daily.

Organizations often approach project requirements and scoping as a “set it and forget it” proposition: we figured all this out, here’s the list of stuff we have to do and build, GO!

The expectation is that with the hard work of deciding what to do over with, the road ahead should be clear and surprise-free.

You and I both know that’s never the case.

Throughout the project’s lifecycle, requests for new features and functionality (or changes to the current set) continue to surface. Sometimes, stakeholders you didn’t even know existed suddenly show up and start asking questions or challenging everything that’s been done to now!

It’s the equivalent of building a house and moving the furniture in, only to have the owner ask if you can add three more rooms to the house!

Why does this happen? And what can we do to stop it — or at least control it?

In today’s episode of Tuesdays with Joe, I’ll answer both of those questions.

Here’s to ramping up your scope-controlling superpowers — GIVE GOOD UX!

— Joe

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