Here’s what my clients have to say.

I had the pleasure of working with Joe on a large, high visibility project. His knowledge and thought leadership around UI + UX was second to none, and we were able to deliver a great product in a very short period of time. I look forward to engaging and working with Joe on many projects in the future! Thank you Joe for your hard work, dedication, and contribution to our success. I would recommend Joe to anyone looking for excellence and a focus on outcomes!

christopher riordan | chief technology oficer, raventek solutions

“Joe Natoli has patiently taught our technical team how to make UX the focal point of everything we do, from requirements negotiation and design to development, quality assurance, and release management. His engaging classroom sessions and intensive working sessions have, in a short period of time, transformed our team into user advocates, a transformation that has given us a unique competitive advantage.”


“Joe always brings great expertise in helping us to improve our user experience and, most importantly, he gets us to focus on ‘what is your goal and the value of doing X?”

So many UX people we’ve worked with focus on the UI and erroneously assume we have a clear goal and defined value.  Joe leads us to that first — and then makes sure that it becomes the litmus test going forward, driving decisions. 

If the design decision doesn’t align with the goal/value, we don’t do it.”


“Joe fundamentally changed the way we approach design. With a new focus on underlying design principles, we are able to make decisions grounded in theory, not opinions. We now understand the subtle changes that transform a good design into a great design.

The practices we now employ are improving every step of our development practice; from prototype to final product. Joe’s influence is evident in all of our work.”


“I had the pleasure of working with Joe on a new online service offering. Our company provided services for large financial firms and Joe (and team) were experienced, collaborative, and very responsive to the project and our needs.

Joe led both his team and ours though the process of developing the right solution. He provided outstanding leadership, insight, and creative solutions.

Joe is an expert UX designer with extensive knowledge and technical expertise. He helped us accomplish our goals and stay within our budget. Joe is both creative and technical with a strong drive for success – a talented professional who knows how to get the job done right.”


“Of the resources we’ve brought in to elevate UX in our organization, Joe was by far the best.

Several years back, a mutual connection introduced us as I was starting a new position at company where UX just beginning to be understood. Having read Joe’s book and recognizing what an amazing local resource he was, I knew I wanted to bring him in for a workshop with my team and business partners.

Joe’s presentation was fantastic, and his workshop was exactly what my team needed. Joe led a white board walkthrough that helped us identify and understand our current engagement, and he was able to pinpoint key areas where we can streamline and reduce pain. We didn’t erase that diagram for months!

For those looking for UX consulting, speaking, or teaching, Joe is the real deal. I look forward to when I can bring him in again!”

Will Sykora | Former UX Designer, T. Rowe Price; Founder, Covalint

Joe helped us with a large UI/UX project. Working with him was refreshing – I expected that he and his team would look at our site and immediately start redesigning and “fixing” it. Instead, he came to our office to discuss and draw and problem solve for hours and hours.

He did a lot of thought work with us, which led to a solution that was much deeper and more powerful than what we understood UX to be.”

Trish Witkowski | CEO, FoldFactory

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