Give Good Mobile: 21 Surefire UI Design Rules for Instant Mobile UX Improvement  *FREE download*

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What you’ll find inside

The seemingly exponential, continual explosion of apps for mobile devices is certainly keeping us designers and developers on our toes; it can be tough to keep up!

The good news, however, is that while technology advances and devices evolve at breakneck pace, the principles for useful, usable and appropriate mobile UI design remain the same.

This guidebook is informed by five general principles that have continued to be true for mobile apps and sites since the inception of the iPhone:

  1. Design the parts to be consistent with the whole.
  2. Make interactive cues visually obvious.
  3. Aim for single-trial learning.
  4. Give people the ability to predict the result of their actions.
  5. Anticipate the user’s questions — and answer them.

There are hundreds of useful guidelines for mobile UI design. And when you consider multiple devices, operating systems and app types, that number multiplies pretty quickly.

However, a select few hold the key to positive UX on a small screen, and they apply to every device, every platform, every app. All day, every day.

Those are the ones you’ll find here.

This is the stuff that matters most, the things that either make an app the answer to someone’s prayer or cause it to become their worst nightmare.

I truly hope you find value inside these pages — GIVE GOOD UX!