THE WAY IT IS: 10 Powerful UX Career Tips (from the school of hard knocks) 
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Front cover of Joe Natoli's e-book, "THE WAY IT IS: 10 Powerful UX Career Tips"

What you’ll find inside

Sometimes you’re not sure what to do — or where to start.

Maybe you’ve been tasked with leading UX activities and user research, but you can’t seem to get out of the starting gate — from how to recruit participants, what methods to use, and how to analyze and apply the results.

Maybe you’re new to UX altogether, and you’re not sure where to begin or what to ask users in order to design screens, flows and sequences.

Maybe you dove in headfirst to UX tasks and research anyway, but you’re having a hard time analyzing the feedback you get, and no matter how much you have, you just never seem to feel confident in the results.

Maybe you do have some experience, but your company (or your client) has never done any user research in its entire existence. You can see that they’re struggling, and you can see where they’re failing.

You’re doing everything you can to figure out where user problems exist and what to do about them, and you’re sharing those suggestions. But these folks are used to working the way they always work — so much of what you’re doing is essentially ignored.

Why aren’t they listening?

Am I doing the wrong things?

Misunderstanding what’s expected?

Misinterpreting what’s being asked?

Not communicating in a convincing manner?

This isn’t the dead end it feels like.

Overcoming any of these obstacles isn’t a matter of learning some silver bullet method that suddenly transforms you into an omnipotent UX deity with accurate insight into human needs. Although that does sound tempting 😉

What you really need is a hell of a lot more practical. A wider, more holistic view of what you do and how you do it.

Strategies for dealing with the seemingly endless challenges you’ll face in your career, many of which are far outside what most people think of — or talk about — when they think of UX.

Advice that works with where you are and what you’ve got, right here, right now.

What follows is 10 unassailable, powerful truths that I’ve learned over the years — sometimes the hard way, as you’ll see. I carry them with me every day, to every gig and every client. I lean hard on them when things get challenging, and after almost three decades, they have yet to let me down.

I have no doubt they will help you weather — and in some cases tame — the rough waters we all have chosen to sail. And above all else, remember this:

If I got this far, you should be able to get twice as far.

Inside page from Joe Natoli's "THE WAY IT IS" e-book
Additional inside page from Joe Natoli's "THE WAY IT IS" e-book showing the phrase, "you can preach or you can help, but you can't do both."