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What you’ll find inside

I have always been a sucker for a great quote.

Over the years, I’ve collected thousands of quotes from people I truly admire: artists, musicians, designers, developers. Creative thinkers of all kinds, from all fields.

Many people will tell you to beware the seductiveness of a soundbyte, but there’s a reason we all love them:

In the best quotes, there is an undeniable kernel of truth.

In those short bursts of expression, there is a piece of something that serves as a reference point. One that we instinctively know we need and can use.

So we read it, internalize it and then apply it hundreds of thousands of times throughout our lives in the things that we do. A great deal of the approaches I now adopt as my own grew from the seeds of a few words from some truly inspiring people.

I consider it my great fortune that our paths crossed.

So no matter what you do or how you choose to do it, I think you’ll find something that speaks to you in these pages. And if you’re lucky, one or more of them will change the way you think about some things.

Which might just lead you to start looking out for more.

And capturing them.

And sharing them.

And begin speaking your own words of wisdom, for others to capture and share.