into a development-centric organization

This FREE video shows you how to move your UX and UI work to the strategic side of development — where it belongs. Just tell me where to send it.

So you’re stuck decorating instead of designing. Making things “pretty” instead of finding out what users really need — and what will deliver the results your organization needs.

Agile is working just fine for everyone else — but your UX/UI work is living permanently on the backlog.

It’s not the perfect scenario so many UX “experts” preach about, right? You and I live in the real world, where things are complicated and imperfect. Here’s what I know: there’s only one way to change that.

There’s only one way you go from order-taker to difference maker.

Only one way UX/UI becomes an integral part of Scrum/Agile.

Only one way to get managers and team members to see you as an equal.

You have to prove that what you have to offer makes their work more valuable — and a whole lot easier.

You do that in a way that fits into their world, speaks their language and makes perfect sense to them.

It’s simple, it’s straightforward and I’ve watched Lean/Agile teams adopt it with massive success for nearly 20 years.

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