Friends, I don’t take a second of any of this for granted.

My life and my career — every part of it — is made possible by you.

And if I’m honest, I think I do a fairly lousy job of communicating on a regular basis just how much that means to me. So as we hit our annual reminder here in the US to give thanks, I’ve decided that’s very much what I’d like to do. So…

I’d like to give you 9 of my Udemy UX courses, free.

On me, no strings attached, using the code GRATEFUL2021. All you have to do is visit any one of the courses on the list at the end of this email. Click or tap the link and enroll for free.

Again, there’s no catch. Just check out the list of courses at the bottom of this post, follow the link to any one of them and enroll in that course for FREE. Lifetime access.

IMPORTANT: these links expire in 5 DAYS — so you have to enroll before Sunday, November 28th to get them for free!

I do ask something in return…though you are certainly not obligated to do it. The courses below are yours free either way.

I’m hoping you’ll help support all I do by purchasing one of my newest courses: The Simple Way to Conduct a UX Audit. It’s just $9.99 during Udemy’s Black Friday promotion, for the next 2 days.

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If you’ve ever been tasked with figuring out what’s wrong with an app, site, system, or interface of any kind, this course will show you what to look for and where to look for it. Step-by-step. And I’ve also included a full-length sample video presentation at the end — which shows you exactly how I present my findings to clients.

And if that weren’t enough, I’ve also thrown in a FREE UX Audit Workbook that helps you take a second, deeper dive into the 170-plus individual elements and attributes of any kind of product that you need to pay attention to during your audit.

This course is literally all you need to be fully equipped to evaluate any kind of site, app or enterprise system, whether that’s for your in-house job or for clients as a freelancer.

Now, without further adieu…

Here are the links to the free courses. 

Just click or tap on any of these links and enroll for free — no strings attached. Again, these coupon codes expire in 5 DAYS (Udemy’s rules) — make sure you use them NOW.

Freelancer’s Guide to Pricing, Estimating + Contracts

Build a Powerful UX Portfolio (that gets you HIRED!)

DESIGN RULES: Principles + Practices for Great UI Design

UX Requirements Made Simple

The 90-Minute UX Audit + UI Redesign

UX Design Fundamentals

UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development

Information Architecture (IA) Fundamentals

UX Strategy Fundamentals

Again, I hope you’ll return the favor by enrolling in my top rated The Simple Way to Conduct a UX Audit for just $9.99 (2 days only at this price).

I truly hope these courses are helpful to you, and maybe make getting to that next level in your UX career a little easier. I remain ever grateful for your presence, your encouragement and your support.

Onward + upward — 

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P.S. When you follow the links for the free courses above, if for any reason the price you see isn’t $0, just enter this code at checkout: GRATEFUL2021.