At a time where we can access virtually anything, anywhere, anytime from devices that fit in our pockets, you would think that an Installer application would be smart enough to recognize your built-in hard drive automatically. So it is here that I quote Steve Martin, for those of you old enough to remember:


Without fail, every Microsoft application I have ever installed on my MacBook Pro defaults to one of my portable hard drives.

I have owned this machine for almost 10 years, and have experienced the following window – after a 3 minute wait while it “checks available hard drives” – for that same 10 years.

We're Microsoft. We don't have to make it easy for you.

Is this really necessary? Are you telling me that Microsoft is the only software maker on the planet whose installers can’t quickly tell where the root system is located? Or is it the only software maker whose engineers just don’t give a shit about things like this?

It’s the little things that count, folks. As an isolated one-time experience, this is a blip on the radar. But experience the same thing over and over  and over for an extended period of time, and you wind up with some very strong perceptions about the provider of said experience.

Which, of course, tends to influence your recommendation and buying behavior.

Your thoughts?