To code or not to code? That, indeed, is the question. This has been a raging debate for a good 10 years now, and there are strong advocates for and against. There are excellent points made on both sides, to be sure. And in this episode of my all-new video show, Tuesdays with Joe, you’ll learn which side of the “learn to code” debate I fall on — and why.

Given the incredible array of drag-and-drop tools at our disposal, designers can build impressive, responsive sites and apps without knowing a line of code. And we can barely keep on top of advances in UX and design, let alone the even faster pace of change in development tools and languages. So is there really a need for us to code, and does it really make sense to learn to code?

But wait, doesn’t knowing how to code offer important advantages? When you learn to code, you know how to talk about code to developers, and, you understand what the software or platform is actually capable of. So you know a lot sooner whether your UX improvements or design ideas are feasible or not. Makes sense, right?

Check out the all-new episode here, and be sure to leave comments and let me know which side you’re on!

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