What some of my 300,000+ students have to say about my courses and coaching.

“Thank you, Joe, for helping me see things a different way.

The homepage meeting went REALLY WELL!!!

Yesterday I messaged two of the people at the top, asking them what they wanted customers to do/think as a result of visiting the homepage. They replied almost instantly with some clear and sensible goals.

Today the PM, a CX team member, a new UX designer and I ran through the goals. We sketched together on a massive whiteboard, Joe Natoli style, and came up with a viable first draft. At the end, I took us through the goals again and we ticked them off against the sketch.

The PM was happy, the CX expert said he was confident the design addressed the biggest customer frustrations, and the new UX designer said, “What a great session!”

I am in Figma now, ACTUALLY wireframing 😆

Thank you again! It’s great that you help so many people with your lessons learned on the front line.”

KS, United Kingdom

UX Designer

“You know the feeling you get when you discover something valuable that will improve the quality of your own work? Joe Natoli makes that happen over and over again!

I can still remember the first time that I heard the name Joe Natoli. I was on my lunch break while working at a large corporation. I was scrolling through Twitter looking for an interesting article to read when I stumbled upon a podcast where Joe Natoli was the guest. He was talking about his new book, Think First. The reason I still remember that podcast is because Joe brought clarity to many questions that I had about UX. A seed was planted.

Move the timeline forward about a year and the name Joe Natoli came across my path once again. I had reached out to a UX designer friend for guidance and advice on how to advance my career. He told me that he was taking courses with Joe Natoli (that name.. I remembered!). He shared some valuable things he had learned and I was intrigued. He also introduced me to a Facebook group that Joe created where I could connect with Joe and other UXers from all over the world!

Now, I am a proud member of Joe’s Facebook group and have taken several of his courses. I can not stress enough how valuable they are for my career. The courses have helped me to understand how to approach and strategize the process of my work so that I bring the most value to my clients and ultimately the users of the products. I have had great success on my projects utilizing the knowledge that I have gained. As a UX designer, I am always faced with the unknown and looking to solve very complex problems. Joe’s training, articles, and even his Facebook group have helped me to gain confidence in my work.

I highly recommend Joe Natoli’s courses and definitely advise you to join his Facebook group. The value that you will receive is incredibly rewarding. Utilizing what I have learned from Joe, I have received positive feedback from coworkers and stakeholders and use this knowledge in crafting positive user experiences.

Robin Roberts

Senior UX Architect

Just to say thanks

“Hey Joe, I’ve been reading your medium a lot lately, watching your videos on youtube, and currently watching your OOUX course with Sophia. Next on my radar is the “Requirements made easy” – definitely!

I love the way you think and the knowledge you share. As you put it – “no bullshit.” You’re one of the rarest people in the industry who manages to paint a realistic picture.

Often time is not enough (if not always). Often, we don’t get to do research. Often scope creep is part of our projects, and more often than not – we tend not to ask too many questions and jump into the design too soon.

I’m currently fighting these battles in a huge, slow, and old organization and your advice is just… it feels like a good friend whom I can’t stop (and keep wanting to be) listening to…

You’re awesome! Thank you!”

Philip Rusev

UX Designer & Assistant Trainer

“I have worked through this course twice now, and each time I discover deeper insights into the critical principles that underpin professional design work. Joe’s style is relaxed yet passionate (an interesting combination!) so be careful that you don’t miss out on the rich content.

I found Joe so easy to listen to that I often sat back and absorbed what he had to say instead of taking fuller notes. This worked well for me as I learnt much more by watching the lessons again and organising the principles in my own mind, making the connections between concepts that resulted in a much deeper understanding.

Have you ever seen design work that just doesn’t look right, or fails to communicate quite the right message, or doesn’t solve the core problem it was supposed to? Joe’s course has given me the tools to be able to work out why that is, then design something of my own that works.

Way better than books on design theory, Joe talks you through each principle, demonstrating with numerous examples why each one is important, and how to implement them in practice to achieve a professional result. Brilliant!”

Geoff Cheeseman

Joe has been the biggest inspiration for me to put my best foot forward when pursuing a career in User Experience Design. I’ve technically been in a UX position for over 6 years and it wasn’t until I took Joe’s courses that I felt so much more successful.

He is consistently engaged with his audience and does whatever he can to help you. Joe is the mentor I always hoped for, a true UX professional that shows the deepest empathy for individuals. He has built a successful community that allows us to share our experiences and learn from each other without ulterior motives.

His passion to help others is motivating. There is no doubt anyone can benefit from his guidance because his focus extends beyond a UX specific career – is it about user experience as a whole.

I sincerely appreciate all the guidance Joe has given, and look forward to learning more each day.

Maggie Paparella

UX | UI Designer

“This course had a lot more to offer than I initially expected. As soon as I heard the instructor confidence and felt his knowledge and experience, I knew I was in something bigger and better.

As a developer, I’m not really familiar with every UI/UX term, and I really wanted to have an idea, even if I won’t use them enough. I was wrong, though. EVERYTHING this course teaches comes useful every now and then. Not just while designing or developing, but in life itself.

Just brilliant. Looking forward to more Joe courses. :)”

Luis Flores

If I could only say one thing about Joe Natoli it would be: He has a sixth sense for UX!

I was extremely fortunate to work with Joe – or rather to watch him in action – on a project for a previous employer a few years ago. He’s a UX natural. He has an amazing ability to ask the right questions, and keep digging, to get to the heart of the matter.

He also has a passion for teaching UX and spreading the UX word … from his UX Design Fundamentals (one of his many training classes) to his book, Think First (a book I highly recommend to all my coworkers). He was a true inspiration to me as I was transitioned from a development world to the UX world.”

Suzanne Ankerbrand

User Experience Specialist

“In addition to the easy to understand content, perfect pace and tone of the instructor, I most appreciated that extra tips and advice how to handle certain hairy challenges ahead as a great UX e.g. ‘if this happened…say it in the most respectful possible way to the stakeholder…I have no clue what you are talking about.’

These tips and advice are what drive me to wanting to hear more. Hope you keep up with the excellent work!, Joe. Love your teaching : )”

L. Lin

“Joe absolutely knows design and the market. He’s affable, but also gets to the heart of the matter, which are things you need from a coach. He’s had a bird’s eye view of the industry and been in the trenches at agencies. His direct, actionable, advice paid dividends for me immediately.

Like the Wolf in Pulp Fiction, he’s experienced, precise and the man you call when you need a problem solved.”

Mark Britt

Art Director + Designer

“There are endless UX books, courses, academies, posts and groups out there. What makes Joe stand out for me is that he is extremely accessible and personal with his “users” (us).

I’ve taken his UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development course and belong to his Facebook Group “Give Good UX Company of Friends”. I love how he is very active on the FB group giving encouragements and sound advice and feedback.

I trust Joe when it comes to user experience because you can tell he cares deeply about the work he does and how it affects you personally. His courses create attainable real-world value you can benefit from immediately. And he’s right there if you need him.

Take the courses, read the book, engage with the community. #givegoodux!”

Kristin Ludlow

“Getting knowledgeable and quality feedback for my portfolio was invaluable. Joe’s portfolio workshop was eye opening in not only giving advice, but providing specifics as to what recruiters are looking for when they look at your work.

Not only does he show examples, but he goes over participant sites and says DO THIS. I wasn’t the only one scrambling to update their portfolio during the workshop!

Seriously, for the low cost of the workshop, this investment could make all the difference in having you stand out against the waves of people applying for the same position.

Joe gave the example of reviewing 250+ resumes and portfolios for a position and only one being relevant. This will make YOU that one.”

Todd Young

“Good instructor, engaging, easy to understand, comprehensive. Lots of practical tips on best practices. This is a course for people who want a solid foundation first to do UX for the long term. It’s not for those who just want quick fix and straight to ‘doing’ without the theory (which I think is a bad idea).”

Archangel G

“I’m not a novice, I work in marketing and have created sites before. But I found this course so complete that I’d recommend it to anyone, even if if they already have some knowledge.

I feel like I was able to take my choices and run them through Joe’s process to make something I’m really confident about, and I’ve definitely quoted him or used his way of explaining something to higher ups.

It gives you everything: content organization, testing, design thinking for your users…seriously fantastic course and well worth it. I went though this course using a project I had to get done and it progressed in the perfect way. “

Heather Maybe

“Very informative and well presented — this course was exactly what I needed to improve on some existing UI designs. The instructor has a great depth of understanding and expertise in UI design and this comes through in each section. Each module is well organized with clear guidance and I found the examples and case studies to be especially helpful. Thanks for a great course! One of my favourite courses on Udemy and one I will return to for reference in the future.”

Meher Bajwa

“If you’re thinking of getting into the UX field, this course provides a terrific introduction into the entire UX process. Not only does Joe do a great job breaking each section down into easily digestible parts, but he does a great job of bringing in real life examples that make it easier to understand. I’d highly recommend taking this course to anyone interested in UX.”

Dudley John Fournier III

“This is one of the most in-depth courses I’ve taken on Udemy. I was initially overwhelmed due to the large amount of information to absorb in the beginning sections.

After digesting it a bit, I realized the importance and necessity of knowing about and understanding each Element of User Experience and how each element is essential to the overall quality and success of your site or app.

This is thorough, high level training that you will only get from someone that has years of experience in design fundamentals. It was a real eye opener for me. I found that my knowledge of user experience design didn’t even scratch the surface of what’s included in this course.

User Experience Design Fundamentals takes you DEEP inside the elements of User Experience, describes and defines each element in great detail, then shows how the elements work together. Each element is clearly covered in separate modules.

I guarantee you will never look at user experience design the same after taking this course.”


Amazing course! I’m a developer which have no experience with design staff. I can’t draw, I don’t have an inborn sense of art or something, I a have a logical way of thinking. BUT! After this course I can clearly see the simple principles which could improve my applications a lot. Maybe for me it’s just a formulas but they were delivered in a clear simple way which brought the joyfulness and sense of completions after completing this course.

Thanks a lot. Recommended for all developers!”

Andrii Damm


“I have watched this course 3 times thoroughly. It didn’t feel like being in a educational course, it rather felt like listening to music! I really get pleasure from watching Joe fixing UI mistakes of others. It gives me a total new perspective.

I also appreciate that it is concise. It is very well planned and structured. The author has successfully managed to marry 2 opposite concepts: art and engineering.

Whenever I want to do re-design of a website, I quickly go through slides again. It puts me into the right state of mind and I can see things from UI lens… As I said, it is not really a training course… it is a symphony! Highly recommended for blind people – which probably all of us are ;)”

Mahdi D.

“I embarked on the journey of learning to code late last year, and quickly realized that I am really passionate about front end web developing, and design. I realized that most of my time was spent on actually attempting to design the web pages I was working on rather than coding.

This helped me realize that I had absolutely no idea how to design something, I was struggling to pick random colors for decoration purposes. I realized that I wanted to be better than that, and make every design decision with purpose. Enter this course and all the questions that I didn’t even know I had were answered.

This has been a fantastic introduction to the design perspective and I will cherish and use these lesson for the rest of my life and career. I highly recommend this very organized and well taught course. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! I am very grateful.”

Laura Paulino

“I had taken a UX Design course in university as a post-grad, but ended up giving up on it because the information was archaic and useless — it said nothing about how to research information and the professor just threw us to the wolves and gave us arbitrary numbers instead of answering our questions.

I don’t even NEED to ask questions in this course because the entire first section of it is focusing on JUST that — the research, the analysis, the “why should I care?” parts. Continuing my “second career” education with this course!”

Jinyoon Yoon

This course is top notch. The instructor is knowledgeable and engaging. You don’t have to take him at his word – his examples prove and clearly demonstrate each concept he’s teaching. A well designed course about design.

Ronald Scott Hatfield

“Really great for a software programmer without natural feeling for good looking design. I learned good rules for UX. The method I learned was a big step forward in designing the user interfaces of my programs.

I highly recommend this course to anybody creating user interfaces.”

Andreas Münger

“I studied architecture and had the basic instinct of how to design. But I always got trouble with graphic design. Then I began to develop apps and websites, it became a huge problem. When I looked at the screen I knew something was wrong, but I couldn’t tell exactly why. It wasn’t all bad, but I had no confidence.

I was not sure if I was getting the right course first. But during the course I was amazed. Nothing was new about the principles, but also everything was new. And I loved the way of instructor’s teaching, the way he sees design (especially the difference between decoration and design, most of the designer don’t follow such a way) and how everything was so clear. Before-after examples were great to explain and strengthen the principles.

Thank you sooooo much Joe, I am really glad to know you are there. I highly recommend the course :)”

Efsun Karabiyik

“This course made me realize just how narrow my understanding of UXD truly was.

Starting with the very first lecture I learned what UXD really is and how it impacts the end user. Joe Natoli delivers a clear, comprehensive view of UXD using a step-by-step approach that will enable me to use the information to develop a solid strategy built on good practices, while avoiding unnecessary pitfalls. Overall I’d say this course is excellent!”

Jake Jones

“I decided to take this course because I’m new to the web development field. The illustration in the introduction is spot on; as professionals we all work in within our specialty in some field that’s much broader than our own work.

When I started to study ‘Web Graphic Design’ I had no idea how varied the industry is. In my field there are UI designers, front end web developers, project managers, copy specialists, artists, back end developers and so on. Each with his/her own limited view point within a project. That’s very similar to the illustration about the blind men and the elephant.

Joe does a great job of narrating and guiding the learner. The information in this course is perfect for anyone creating a product that will be used by end users, not just in technology, but in all fields. This is definitely one of those resources I’ll keep referring back to this course throughout my career. The production, presentation and material in this course is very high quality. Relevant quotes from professionals in the UXD field. Very clear about explaining the differences between design disciplines and what UXD (User experience Design) is and isn’t.

I really like the course and I’d recommend it to anyone, it’s well worth the expense.”

Gabriel Valdivia

“These lectures are very clear and Joe comes off very personable — like he’s talking face-to-face with you, one on one.

The content is amazing. It is super-useful and applicable. Unlike college courses, which are dominated by theory, Joe’s lectures take theory, explain how they apply to real life, and translate FOR YOU what that means you should be doing with your designs. Which means that Joe’s videos do exactly what he teaches about in UXD: they do a lot of work for me and give me guidance.

That’s not to say that these videos are like spoon-feeding info to you and all you do is absorb them like a sponge with no output to show for it. As I was watching the first 5 lectures, I was already rethinking about the app I’ve been building at work (I’m not an IT person, webmaster, UI/UX designer, or anything like that) and brainstorming improvements based on what he was teaching.

On top of this production quality is great. Audio and video are both super clear. One of the best things I’ve ever bought in my life!”

Angie Siu

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