One of the great things about writing a book is that you get to have some inspiring, thought-provoking conversations with people you admire and respect. Over the past few weeks, a number of websites whose founders and contributors I hold in high regard have asked me for my two cents on UX, design, product strategy and, of course, my new book, Think First.

I’ve enjoyed these conversations and writing these pieces; I feel like they’ve been as valuable to me as they are to the interviewers. As such, I thought you might find them valuable as well. Here’s a running list of recent articles, podcasts and interviews on the topics of UX strategy and success:

Q&A with Joe Natoli, Author of Think First
Interview, UX for the Masses

In Conversation with Joe Natoli
Podcast, UX Magazine

Why Great UX Starts Between Your Ears (Not on the Screen)
Guest Post, Six Revisions

A Strategy Can Make Or Break Design
Interview, UX Booth

Why Great UX is Everybody’s Business
Guest Post, UX Movement

Think First: A No-Nonsense Approach to UX
Excerpt from Think First, UX Booth

Think First Ratings & Reviews

I’ll update the list as new content is published (there are more on the way) — in the meantime, please feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line and share your experiences, thoughts and opinions.

I truly hope all of this is helpful, whether you’re just venturing into the world of UX or are a seasoned veteran looking for some help in the trenches — you are the reason I do any and all of this.