UX Audit Workbook: A Guide for Evaluating Sites, Apps + Systems
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What you’ll find inside

Sites and apps are loaded with tasks and activities, but knowing which ones deliver what the company considers to be success is where your time is best spent.

So in order for this or any tool to be useful — to you, to your users and to the stakeholders you’re helping —you have to know one thing first, before you start your evaluation:

What does success really mean?

Once you have real answers to that question, you look at each possible or proposed feature or function and say how does this element contribute to that success?

What does success really mean to a user? Sure, they may be able to view a ton of data that details their investment performance, but can they make sense of it? Do they understand it? Can they make decisions from it?

The ability to view something is the completion of a task. The ability to do something meaningful with that view is what constitutes success. The purpose of this guide is to help you make sure people can use what’s in front of them — and gain something by doing so.

What does success mean to the business, to stakeholders? What concrete things do they need to have happen as a result of user activity? Does the sales curve go up? Does employee efficiency or utilization increase because the system saves them time? Can we make better decisions because we have a clearer picture of where our money is being spent? 

The questions asked here are meant to help you answer those questions, by casting a critical eye to everything from content to labeling to navigation to layout and well beyond.