Your client or your product owner comes to you with a laundry list of features and functions they want to implement. Naturally, because you know you can’t do it all, you ask “which of these are most important/have to be implemented now?” We both know what the answer to that question is: “all of them.”

In far too many organizations, the urgent always trumps the important. In this third video in the series, I’ll show you how to change that:

Of the UX questions I’m asked most often, the one that absolutely tops the list is “how do I convince stakeholders that we have to make choices as to what we can and should implement?” In this third installment of our video series, I’ll show you the one exercise that has never failed to initiate productive conversations with stakeholders about what matters (and what doesn’t). And, more importantly, what’s possible and what isn’t – both in terms of design/development task completion and positive UX-focused business outcomes.

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The best part of writing Think First, my blog posts and speaking engagements is the conversations that they spark. I learn as much from others as they hopefully learn from me. In that spirit, I’d like to know what you think:

What methods do you use to separate the urgent from the important, with clients or project stakeholders?

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Stay tuned for part 4 of this video series — and in the meantime, GIVE GOOD UX!

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