Designing and building products that deliver valuable UX is certainly a tall task. And most teams breathe a sigh of relief once the product launches and that mountain of effort is at long last receding into the sunset.

But in truth, as you’ll see in this final installment of our video series, the hard work of delivering value to people has only begun:

We’ve moved the mountain and gotten this thing to launch. But how do we make sure it remains valuable, meaningful and useful to people? How do we make sure it remains relevant to fend off competitors?

The answer comes in taking an intentional approach to post-launch UX. To strategically planning how the product (and the quality of the user experience) will change, evolve and grow over time.

In this final installment of my “3 questions” series, I’ll introduce you to the concept of the “Long Wow,” a tried-and-true method for impressing people over and over while building rock-solid loyalty. You’ll also learn why UX efforts must address the ideas of motivation, mastery and reward in order to maintain and build the value in your solution.

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The best part of writing Think First, my blog posts and speaking engagements is the conversations that they spark. I learn as much from others as they hopefully learn from me. In that spirit, I’d like to know what you think:

Do you have a strategic plan for improving UX post-launch? What kinds of things are on the list?

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