Now it’s time to dig into the first of our three critical questions: what’s worth doing? Sure, you’ve got a requested feature list as long as your arm. But is it all equally important? Will it all yield an outcome that delivers value, both to users and back to the business in the form of ROI? These are important questions, and the price for not asking them can be high. Here’s the second video in our series, where we dive into this topic in detail:

Everything you commit to designing or building is either going to deliver value to users and to the business, or it’ll be a band-aid on a gaping wound. In order to avoid the latter, it’s important for both teams and stakeholders to cast a critical eye on all proposed feature, functions, tasks and activities.

Now is the time to be ruthlessly realistic about what will deliver great UX — about what matters most, what’s truly possible and what happens after launch. In this second installment of our video series, I’ll show you the right questions to ask, along with what to do with the answers.

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In a current or past project, how did you figure out what was worth doing?

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